Lawmakers to Consult on Marriage Equality Draft on May 9|同婚法朝野協商前 雙方陣營立院外對壘

On May 9, the Legislative Yuan plans to hold cross-party consultations on marriage equality-related draft bills. On May 8, pro- and anti-marriage equality groups held activities around the Legislative Yuan. The Coalition for the Happiness of Our Next Generation said it would recruit thousands to attend and called on the Legislative Yuan to implement the results of the public referendum and restrict marriage to one man and one woman. Pro-marriage equality groups, meanwhile, got 30 to 40 same-sex parented families to attend and support the passage of the Executive Yuan's draft bill.

Wearing white shirts under raincoats and cloth headbands, members of the Coalition for the Happiness of our Next Generation sing songs in the rain while holding up red banners. The coalition called on lawmakers to uphold the results of 2018's referendum and respect the will of the people by defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

When they are discussing a special law, they should also fulfill the core intention of the referendum result, which was protecting the rights of same-sex couples in co-habitation on a permanent basis in ways other than changing of the Civil Code. (The current version of the draft bill) uses a roundabout way to destroy the definition of marriage. Not only that, it contains a clear definition of same-sex marriage within. The people of Taiwan have spoken on their marriage and family values and (their version) totally goes against that.

Legislative cross-party negotiations on the marriage equality bill will be held on the 9th. With a heavy police presence on hand, pro- and anti-marriage equality groups demonstrated outside different Legislative Yuan entrances on the 8th. The pro side got over 30 same-sex parented families to attend with their children in tow.

Apart from the Executive Yuan version, it can give us parental rights as adoptive parents. This would give children two real parents. Legislator Lin Tai-hua's version gives us guardianship rights that can be given up at any time. Does this protect children? We can only really accept the Executive Yuan version.

Just two weeks remain before the enactment of the draft bill on May 24, but lawmakers have failed to make any headway. During the consultations on the 9th, lawmakers will review the Executive Yuan's version of the draft bill, "Enforcement Act of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748,"; lawmaker Lai Shyh-bao's version, "Enforcement Act of National Referendum Proposition 12"; and lawmaker Lin Tai-hua's version, "Enforcement Act of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748 and National Referendum Proposition 12." The Executive Yuan's version went straight to the second reading in March, while Lin's version went straight to the second reading earlier this month.


下一代幸福聯盟公民行動總召 游信義表示:「而且要討論專法的時候,也應該符合我們這次公投的核心意旨,就是在民法婚姻以外的其他形式。(現行版本)用迂迴的方式來破壞婚姻的定義,甚至在條文裡面就明文所謂同性婚姻的概念,我認為這完全破壞台灣人民透過公投所表出來的,很重要的婚姻家庭的價值。」


同志家庭代表 Cindy表示:「除了政院版,它可以給我們繼親收養,也就是親權,讓孩子有真正的雙親以外,像林岱樺委員版本的,它其實只給予我們監護權,也可以任意解消(監護關係),隨時你要棄養都可以,請問這個是有保護到孩子(嗎)?我們真的只能夠接受行政院版本的?」
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