Torrential Rains Sweeping Across Taiwan|梅雨鋒面南移 中南部雨下到週二清晨

The plum rain season front is here in full force. The front will slowly move from the north to the south, and low-lying areas in central and southern Taiwan should be on high alert for heavy rain. Due to the rain, Shimen Reservoir is currently at the highest capacity so far this year with its capacity rate reaching 94.7 percent. The rest of Taiwan's reservoirs have also received water, meaning there won't be water supply shortages during the spring planting season at least through the end of June.

Due to the arrival of rainy season and convective cloud systems, rain has poured down across Taiwan in the last few days. Shimen Reservoir is currently at 94.7 percent capacity, the highest so far this year, with water levels reaching 243.76 meters and water volume reaching 18,685 tons.

The water shortage is over. All you see is rain and mist here. It's fun. It's rare.

With further torrential rains expected on the morning of the 20th, Shimen released water for the first time this year on the 19th at a rate of 200 cubic meters per second.

(On the 19th), we adjusted the water level by releasing water at a rate of around 200 cubic meters per second. As of 8 a.m. (on the 20th), the water level was down to 243.76 meters.

The Central Weather Bureau says the migrating fronts are moving south and will bring torrential rains to central and southern Taiwan. The current spell won't let up until the morning of the 21st.

From nightfall to early (on the 21st), central and southern Taiwan will start seeing heavy rain. Mountainous areas in central Taiwan in particular will get a lot of rain.

The bureau says the front will bring heavy rains to the island as it moves south. Low-lying areas should be on high alert, especially during high tide, and mountainous areas should be on alert for rockfalls and collapses.


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