Torrential Rain Causes Several Mishaps in Taichung|豪大雨致災 台中一男子遭高壓電線電擊亡

In central Taiwan, the torrential rain cost a life. A motorist riding a scooter in Taichung's Dajia District was electrocuted by a fallen high-voltage cable. He passed away on May 21, which also happened to be his birthday.

Doctors spent an entire night trying to resuscitate Mr. Chou, who had suffered an electric shock from a fallen high-voltage cable while riding a scooter, but to no avail. He passed away on May 21, and his remains were sent to his home in Miaoli County. His relatives mourned his passing.

The electric current continued to flow. (For several minutes.) (How long was his brain without oxygen?) About 10 minutes. People wanted to go rescue him, but were afraid to. My son even begged someone to save him, saying please help me, but no one dared to get close.

The 25-year-old Mr. Chou died on May 21, which was also his birthday. His relatives denounced Taiwan Power Company, saying there are issues with its power cut processes, which ended up taking away a life.

We don't know how to celebrate his birthday today.

At noon on May 20, Mr. Chou was riding a scooter along section 2 of Zhongshan Road in Taichung's Dajia District. It was raining heavily at that time, and a high-voltage cable fell to the ground. Both sides of the road were covered in water, and it is believed the first motorist to cross also suffered a shock, but the driver of a passing truck saved him. After several minutes, Mr. Chou came along and received a shock of 11,400 volts. He fell to the ground.

He fell over, and his helmet fell off. I tried to save him and put on plastic gloves.

Taichung's Wuri District also experienced torrential rain on May 20, resulting in flooding in low-lying areas such as Huanzhong Road and Huanhe Road. The water level reached waist-high. At one point, over 10 people were stranded. They were rescued by firefighters. Some residents questioned if water pumps were not deployed in time, and the city's Water Resources Bureau responded that there were no delays, but that the rainfall was simply too much to handle and the water pumps could not keep up.

We started operating all the water pumps at five stations at noon yesterday to drain the entire city's water into our internal waters. Using water pumps to pump external water already exceeds the protection standard.

Numerous spots in the city experienced flooding as a result of the torrential rain. The situation improved once the rainfall began to lessen. The bureau says flood control plans and water pumping facilities were put to the test during this bout of rain, and it will improve any deficiencies.


周姓男子家屬表示:「沒有斷電,那個根本電流就還在裡面。(好幾分鐘了耶!)(那個腦缺氧多久?大概十幾分鐘。) 人家要去救也不敢救,我兒子還說求求救我,我兒子求,救救我,沒有人敢靠近。」
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