Taiwanese Youth Denounces China for Ideological Bullying|台青年遊中國 被舉報"思想問題"遭約談

When traveling to China, be careful to deal with sensitive issues! A Taiwanese youth nicknamed Hsiao Teng had traveled to China and befriended a Chinese local, who subsequently reported him for "ideological issues" after he saw Hisao Teng carrying the flag of the Republic of China. Hsiao Teng was then visited by public security officials, and only managed to leave after he asserted the statement of "the two sides of the strait are one family, Taiwan is a part of China."

A Taiwanese youth nicknamed Hsiao Teng recently shared his travel experiences in China on social media. In April, he visited Xian and got to know a youth from Shandong who was about the same age as him. Over the next three days, the two of them chatted and interacted. Hsiao Teng claimed that during this time, the Chinese youth observed that he had the flag of the Republic of China and a rainbow flag in his luggage, and then reported him to public security authorities.

These was a Taiwanese person in a certain hostel who held ideologies that violated national sovereignty and he even had on him flags that destroy the harmonious society.

Hsiao Teng currently helps to organize gender-related social movements in Taitung. His original plan was to travel through China on bike. During this trip, he got along quite well with this Shandong youth and they shared their travel experiences with each other. At that time, he told this youth that the flags he had with him were only used during his trips to Europe. After he was denounced, he felt as if he had been betrayed.

(Public security officials) asked if I was aware of the laws and regulations that Taiwanese persons must abide by when traveling in China. They then asked me if I had done these things. I of course denied everything. The third question they asked me was if I accept the principles of the two sides of the strait are one family and one country, two systems. I of course had to say yes.

Hsiao Teng claimed he was so frightened after this visit that he could not fall asleep. He decided to cut short his vacation and return to Taiwan, where he could publish an account of his ordeal on social media. He also trumpeted that he would not return to China for the next 10 years. The Mainland Affairs Council also chimed in on this incident, saying Taiwanese persons traveling to China should make an effort to understand the local environment and legal system before departing.

Perhaps the person involved in the incident did not understand its sensitivity. He also had a rainbow flag, which of course raised eyebrows. We have had past cases of youths who accidentally spoke about some sensitive topics and were thereafter closely monitored by public security authorities.

The Mainland Affairs Council adds that Taiwan is a free and democratic society, and it has many, many differences with China's legal system. If Taiwanese people wish to travel to China, whether for business, school, or tourism, they should first evaluate the risks.


台灣遊中青年 小鄧表示:「在某一間旅社有一個台灣人,他有一些思想上的那個,違反國家主權,甚至也有攜帶破壞社會和諧的旗幟。」
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