Farmers in Yunlin Rush to Save Crop Damaged by Rain|雲林蔬菜瓜果泡水 農民趁雨歇搶救作物

Recent heavy rain have led to flooding in some parts of the farmlands in Yunlin County, leaving vegetables and melons submerged in water. As the rain finally ceased this morning, local farmers rush to try to save their produce. However, damage was inevitable, especially for melon farmers, who's loss could accumulate up to tens of thousands of NT dollars.

The farmers have picked their melons, most of which have rotted due to flooding and can no longer be sold. The farmers said the continuous heavy rain in the last few days have damaged the leaves on the plants, and the surviving melons won't grow to their full size or be sweet enough, therefore no one will buy them even after they're harvested.

The leaves have all rotten, and therefore the melons won't grow to full size or have the proper level of sweetness. No one will buy them. If you sell these at a market, no one will buy them.

The melon farmers in Yunlin County's Erlun Township said that, the cost of planting and harvesting the melons in this area is about NT$50,000. After the heavy rain, however, they said they can sell at most NT$10,000 worth of melons. The damage has resulted in loss of revenue and waste in labor. In order to prevent further damage by upcoming rain, farmers who have planted other types of vegetables are also rushing to save their crops.

Bugs would often come out after the rain and eat the crops. Therefore we have to harvest the produce quickly. Otherwise, the crops could wither under the strong sunshine.

The continuous rain has left much of our produce submerged under water. This will reduce the total volume of our harvest by about 20 percent to 30 percent.

Farmers in Yunlin County said that despite having less rainfall volume in the area compared to others, their produce has been heavily damaged by the flooding. And if the sun comes up afterwards, it could wither the crops, causing further damage. The farmers said they are rushing to save their crops in order to minimize the damage caused by weather, which will lead to reduced selling prices and financial losses.





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