Potential Presidential Candidates Remain Active|2020與誰爭鋒? 韓朱柯動向備受關注

Taiwan's potential presidential candidates continue to make headlines. Recently, a media personality accused Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu of spending all his time drinking. On May 23, Han responded, saying he stopped drinking after he was elected mayor and he reads Buddhist texts every night before going to bed. Meanwhile, former New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu spoke about the Democratic Progressive Party's presidential primary deadlock and Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je traveled to Japan.

A media personality recently accused Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu of spending all his time drinking. On May 23, Han said he stopped drinking after he was elected and now he reads Buddhist texts before bed every night. Although the Kuomintang hasn't yet decided on its 2020 presidential candidate and Han hasn't even said he will register in the primary, he is regarded by the Democratic Progressive Party as its strongest opponent. In fact, the DPP will include him in its opinion poll to determine its own presidential candidate. Han said he is flattered.

They keep changing their own primary election system. I believe Democratic Progressive Party supporters have noticed this. I am flattered that Han Kuo-yu has been named as the hypothetical opponent.

The DPP has not said when it will hold its primary. Former New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu, who is interested in securing the KMT's nomination, recently criticized former Premier William Lai, who is one of the two DPP candidates, for being ruthless and for breaking promises.

If you had any integrity, you wouldn't have agreed to become her premier at that time. You also said repeatedly in the legislature that you would fully support President Tsai, but you actually set a deadline of Nov. 24 for that. Friends shouldn't speak like this.

Meanwhile, Foxconn Group Chairperson Terry Gou, who is also seeking the KMT's nomination, gave an interview. He questioned the Tsai administration's cross-strait and economic policies, saying Taiwan would be set back 50 years if the DPP continues in power. He also sent a message to his supporters, hoping to create unity.

I want to tell those who support me that even if I'm not on the ballot, you still have to go out and vote because you are casting a vote for the Republic of China.

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je is viewed as another presidential candidate. On May 23, he traveled to Japan for an official visit to learn about tourism, energy, and other issues. This trip includes numerous non-public stops, leading to speculation that the Japanese government is taking a conservative approach. Ko said that is not the case.

There are many diplomatic issues that don't need to be placed on the table and spotlighted. Japan is still a power, and it follows certain SOPs when handing diplomatic relations.

Ko will call on senior government officials and will be accompanied by the Republic of China's representative in Japan, Frank Hsieh. This visit will center on energy issues and Taipei's bid to host the 2030 Asian Games. Ko previously said he won't make his presidential aspirations known until August, but this trip is viewed as a preparation for a presidential bid.
亞運:亞洲運動會(簡稱亞運會、亞運;英語譯名:Asian Games,簡寫為Asiad)是亞洲地區規模最大、水準最高的綜合性運動會,代表整個亞洲的體育運動水準。其為國際奧委會承認的地區性大型綜合運動會,由亞洲奧林匹克理事會(亞奧理事會)主辦,每四年一屆。 ...更多