CEC Chair A No-Show at Meeting with KMT Caucus|抗議公投法修法 藍委赴中選會訪李進勇

To voice their objections to the pan-green camp's revisions to the Referendum Act, pan-blue legislators scheduled a meeting with Central Election Commission Chair Lee Chin-yung. Lee was a no-show and the group was instead received by Lee's deputy Chen Chao-chien. The angry lawmakers said Lee promised to meet them and gave the excuse of having a sore throat. The group then gathered outside Lee's office and called for his resignation.

Led by Kuomintang caucus leader Tseng Ming-chung, lawmakers call for the resignation of Central Election Commission Chair Lee Chin-yung. Prior to the passage of revisions to the Referendum Act, Lee said general elections and public referendums should not be held together. The KMT caucus then scheduled a meeting with Lee at the commission. However, Lee pulled a no-show and sent his deputy, Chen Chao-chien, to meet with the group.

He promised an official meeting with us. When we got here, he had locked himself in his office. He was hiding in his office all scared. What kind of commission chair is this?

No Central Election Commission Chair has ever publicly called for the separation of general elections and public referendums right after entering office. This is the direct result of the Democratic Progressive Party's massive loss in last year's nine-in-one elections.

The group protested Lee's no-show by gathering outside his office and calling for his resignation. They were eventually removed from the building by police and commission staff. The commission says Lee was out of the office and there was nothing wrong with sending his deputy to meet with the group.

(Lee) was out of the office, so I received (the group) today. This is in compliance with how government agencies operate.

Pan-blue lawmakers say Lee can't hide from them forever and they will block the revisions during the extraordinary session. In response, the commission said it respects legislative procedures and the amendment process.


國民黨團總召 曾銘宗表示:「他也答應要正式接待我們,但是我們來,竟然鎖在裡面,躲在裡面,不敢面對,這是什麼樣的主委。」

國民黨立委 童惠珍表示:「沒有一個中選會主委,剛剛上台,就公然的發言說要,總統大選跟公投脫鉤,這種事情,就是因為民進黨去年的九合一大選大敗。」
民進黨:民主進步黨(英語:Democratic Progressive Party,縮寫為DPP),簡稱民進黨,為中華民國主要政黨之一,是繼日治時代的臺灣民眾黨後第二個實際參政的臺灣政黨,為臺灣最大的本土派政黨。曾在2000年至2008年之間執政,並成為臺灣歷史與中華民國歷史上首個透過政權和平轉移執政的政黨,現為臺灣最大在野黨。以民進黨為首的泛綠陣營,和以中國國民黨為首的泛藍陣營並列為臺灣兩大政治聯盟。 ...更多