Number, Ratio of EV71 Infections on the Rise|疾管署:腸病毒71型 近期個案.比例續增

Apart from influenza, everyone should be careful of enterovirus this summer. Especially when the number of individual enterovirus 71 cases and ratio of enterovirus 71 cases has been on the rise. EV71 can often cause severe complications and even death. Parents are reminded to make sure that their children wash their hands frequently to lower the risk of being infected.

Pediatric enterovirus cases rise 20 to 30 percent in the summer. Apart from digestive problems, children experience fever, mouth ulcers, and rashes on their arms and legs.

Enterovirus can be fatal if it causes encephalitis or myocarditis. (Among enterovirus serotypes), this is most common with EV71.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, peak enterovirus season is already here. Over 11,000 people across Taiwan were treated for enterovirus last week, which was an increase of 3.5 percent from the previous week. Although no new cases of enterovirus with severe complications were reported, the number and ratio of the often fatal enterovirus 71 serotype rose. The majority of the 18 new cases reported last week were in Hualien County and Tainan City. There have been 89 EV71 cases reported so far this year, which is a four-year high for the period.

In the past, there was a major outbreak every four years. The last major outbreak was in 2012, with a smaller one in 2016. The scale of this year's situation so far is more similar to 2016.

As children under five are at the highest risk for infection, parents should make sure their children wash their hands often and practice good hygiene. Children experiencing lethargy, unconsciousness and muscle spasms should be taken to a doctor immediately.


台灣兒科醫學會常務理事 林應然表示:「最怕的就是有些腸病毒呢,會造成腦炎、心肌炎,造成致死的問題存在,這其中以腸病毒71型最嚴重。」


疾管署副署長 莊人祥表示:「以前大概每4年會有一個大流行,之前比較大流行是2012年,2016年的確也有一波,比較小的流行,不過今年狀況看起來,是比較跟2016年比較像。」
腸病毒:腸道病毒(Enterovirus)又稱腸病毒,是一種主要生長於腸道的RNA病毒,雖然名為腸病毒,在人類卻很少出現腸道的病狀。 ...更多