Bottleneck Emerges in Reconstruction of Night Market|花蓮東大門夜市火警 後續重建遇上瓶頸

A bottleneck has emerged in the reconstruction of Hualien's Dongdamen Night Market after the fire. The original plan was to clear away the debris and immediately reconstruct, but suspected damage to the structure of the overpass means vendors are not being allowed to reenter.

A huge fire broke out at Hualien's Dongdamen Night Market in the early hours of June 3, destroying 38 stalls including an indigenous street and the smaller Ziqiang Night Market. The county government initially announced plans to rebuild immediately, but safety issues have put the plan on hold.

We don't know where to go or where we'll end up. We don't know (if we can resume operations) in the near future.

The high temperature (from the fire) caused structural damage to the bridge. If after the bridge is rebuilt -- I heard it's going to take half a year. You need to think about how vendors are going to make a living during this time.

With peak tourist season almost here, vendors are worried about their livelihoods. The county government says it is still waiting for the structural report. In the meantime, it will explore the possibility of relocating stalls and arranging low-interest loans for vendors.

We can't decide how to proceed with reconstruction until the final report comes out. We will ask the Hualien City Farmers Association to provide low-interest loans.

Vendors are worried about the impact of relocation on business and what will happen if they can't return to their original location. They hope the county government can provide subsidies, give them input on the new location, and facilitate compensation claims.


東大門夜市攤販表示:「何去何從不曉得,近期內(恢復營業) 是不曉得啦!」

東大門夜市主委 林文松表示:「高溫,造成那個橋變形,假如說你橋重建以後,聽說要半年左右。要啦!那這半年你要考慮攤商的生活問題、生計問題。」


花蓮縣政府觀光旅遊處長 唐玉書表示:「最後報告出來,才能夠決定,下一步復建要如何進行。我們主動去找了花蓮市農會,提供低利貸款。」
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