Yunlin District Court Addresses Runaway Felon Case|謊稱身體不適免戒具 受刑人出庭逃脫未遂

On June 6, a criminal briefly escaped at Yunlin District Court. The 41-year-old man, surnamed Liao, was arrested for theft. During his appearance at court, he claimed he was feeling sick and the marshal didn't put his legcuffs back on when he was being sent back into the custody room. Liao was able to run a few dozen meters away before being recaptured. With regards to this, the Yunlin District Court said it will review what happened and strengthen the educational training of marshals. However, it also said the Yunlin District Court building is an old compound and does not have any dedicated paths for criminals. Over the long term, marshals require more manpower and are at higher risk when escorting criminals.

After appearing in court, a 41-year-old felon surnamed Liao claimed to be feeling unwell as he was being taken back into custody. The marshal therefore didn't put his legcuffs back on and even went to fetch a swivel chair for him. Liao took advantage of the opportunity to make a break for it, but was captured almost immediately.

He was even holding onto the railing for support. When he was almost at the detention room, the defendant suddenly stood up and broke into a run. Marshals caught him and took him back into custody after he tripped and fell.

Liao is serving time until 2023 for drugs and theft. On the 6th, he was sent to court without legcuffs but with a heavier marshal escort than usual after claiming to be suffering from gout pain. The court says it is reviewing whether additional marshal training is needed.

On this front, marshals need additional training. We also hope exclusive routes for criminals can be added to the court compound in the future to keep our marshals safe as they escort offenders in and out.

A court official says the video was leaked after being sent out internally as a "friendly reminder" to marshals and the Performance Appraisal Committee will punish the person or persons responsible. The official also said the absence of exclusive routes for criminals within the 55-year-old court complex makes marshals' jobs harder and puts them at risk, and this can hopefully be remedied in the future.


雲林地院書記官長 劉興錫表示:「他還扶著欄杆走,走到快到羈押室時,被告突然起身往前跑,法警見狀立即用腳鐐,追打他跌倒壓制他。」


雲林地院書記官長 劉興錫表示:「這部分法警還需加強教育,我們也希望說,將來能夠有新的建設,院舍能有法庭人犯專用走道,讓法警提解人犯時候,避免跟當事人暴露在外。」
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