Heavy Rain Causes Mudslides, Road Collapses in Nantou|國姓鄉大雨土石崩 台14線忠勇橋段淘空

Taiwan has been pummeled by heavy rain during the past several days. Nantou County's mountainous areas experienced torrential rain, resulting in several disasters. Guoxing Township's Daqi Village suffered mudslides. Meanwhile, roadbeds collapsed in Changfeng Village and a bridge at the 75.8-kilometer mark of Provincial Highway No. 14 also collapsed.

Mud and rocks flow down the mountainside. There are residences located just several meters away, and the homeowners say they have been living in constant fear of their homes collapsing due to the heavy rain that has continuously fallen during the past several days.

We worry that the mud will continue flowing down the mountainside. If the water gets clogged here, then it will start flowing into people's homes. The number seven neighborhood is below. If the water is out of control, it will affect all of the homes down below. There are two residences here and a dozen or so below.

This is the current situation in the village of Daqi in Nantou County's Guoxing Township. Residents say large sections of the mountainside collapsed. They fear their homes will be affected soon, and have made preparations to evacuate should the need arise. The village is located in a mountainous area, and the heavy rain during the past several days has saturated the soil, resulting in mudslides. Meanwhile, the impact of an overflowing river washed away a roadbed in Changfeng Village.

Water pipes have ruptured. (Are you afraid of the heavy rain continuing?) Of course.

Over in Renai Township, people experienced a landslide along Puwu Highway on June 12. On the same day, local authorities received reports that the roadbed had collapsed on the 75.8-kilometer mark of Provincial Highway No. 14, resulting in a 25-meter-long and 18-meter-deep hole.

The river water destroyed downstream sand dams, resulting in the erosion of the entire river bed. The ground walls of roads were also eroded.

As this road is the principal thoroughfare to Qingjing Farm and Hehuan Mountain, the Directorate General of Highways immediately closed off one side of the highway and dispatched equipment to fill and repair the roadbed. The public is advised to avoid traveling to mountainous areas during times of heavy rain.


國姓大旗村長 范旭南表示:「怕這邊山一直滑下來,這邊水如果阻塞,就會流往民宅,下面還有個第七鄰,水如果亂流,下面民宅都會影響,目前看到,這裡有兩戶,下面就有十多戶。」


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