Third Case of Armyworm Infestation Reported|苗宜嘉驚見秋行軍蟲 通報有獎.補償農損

Following the appearance of fall armyworms at Miaoli's Flying Cow Ranch, the Council of Agriculture confirmed a second and third case in fields in Yilan's Toucheng and Chiayi's Lucao. To encourage people and farmers to report appearances, the council is offering rewards. Once reports are confirmed, the person that made the report will receive a cash reward of NT$10,000. Farmers, meanwhile, will receive compensation for destroying damaged crops and NT$45,000 per month per hectare for the three-month period they can't grow crops.

This sweet corn field in Yilan's Toucheng has been sealed off. The leaves on the plants show insect damage. The farmer says he usually uses biological pesticides to get rid of pests, but decided to report the damage this time in case he was dealing with fall armyworms. This turned out to be the case. The farmer cleared the field, which cost him NT$30,000 in losses. However, he says infestation prevention is more important than financial losses. The farmer also says the NT$3,000 per fen compensation the government is offering is not enough of an incentive to convince farmers to destroy infested crops.

The subsidy will affect how willing farmers are to take the initiative of reporting (armyworms). (So you think the subsidy should be higher?) Yes, of course that would be best.

To get rid of the corn plants, the farmer had to dig a 3-meter-deep hole, place the corn plants in the hole, and spray them with calcium cyanamide to ensure no larvae survived. Fall armyworms were recently reported in a corn field in Chiayi's Lucao as well. There have been three confirmed cases in Taiwan so far.

We have only found (armyworms) at one location so far.

The Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine says only larvae have been found at present time and it hopes the larvae are first-generation and can be completely eradicated by burying or burning. The bureau is also offering cash rewards for reporting armyworm sightings.

We will offer a cash reward of NT$10,000 for confirmed reports of fall armyworms. The reports can come from anyone, including farmers.

Unlike the ones found in Miaoli, the armyworms found in Yilan and Chiayi are a rice paddy variety. The bureau says it can't forecast damage right now but farmers that destroy infested crops will receive compensation of NT$45,000 per hectare during the three months they can't farm.


宜蘭頭城農民 陳文正表示:「補助的部分,可能會影響到農民,他願意自動提報的意願。(所以你覺得應該再提高那個補助?) 提高當然是最好。」


嘉義縣農業處長 許彰敏表示:「目前我們現在,只有發現這一個地方。」
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