Tsai-Lai Ticket in the Works for DPP?|蔡賴配聲浪再起 卓:考慮合作模式之一

President Tsai Ing-wen has emerged victorious in the Democratic Progressive Party's presidential primary, and there are now calls for her to select former Premier William Lai, her opponent in the primary, as her running mate. DPP Chairperson Cho Jung-tai says a Tsai-Lai pairing is a possibility.

President Tsai Ing-wen recently secured the Democratic Progressive Party's presidential nomination, beating out her former premier, William Lai, in the primary. Many DPP members are now calling for Tsai to name Lai as her running mate in a show of party unity. DPP Chairperson Cho Jung-tai says a Tsai-Lai pairing is one way to cooperate, and he will arrange to meet with the two as soon as possible.

Everyone now has to help to create benefits. There are many, many ways for cooperation in the future, and this is one way to cooperate.

He (William Lai) should take a rest. I'm sure we will encounter him in the future as we make Taiwan stronger.

Several DPP legislators looked favorably on a Tsai-Lai ticket. During the primary, independence advocates threw their support behind Lai, and there are now questions as to whether they are willing to support Tsai. Presidential Office adviser Wu Li-pei said it depends on Tsai's position on Taiwan's basic position and whether she will be able to protect Taiwan from China. Former Examination Yuan President Yao Chia-wen said he previously called for a Tsai-Lai ticket, but also urged Tsai to first sit down and communicate with the pro-independence faction.

He (William Lai) can only make a decision once his emotions have settled and he feels rested, and after he has finished consoling his supporters. I support (a Tsai-Lai ticket).

Premier Lai approves of President Tsai Ing-wen, and he approves (a Tsai-Lai ticket). We respect this.

It remains unknown at this point whether Tsai and Lai will indeed join forces. Former President Chen Shui-bian also chimed in, posting on Facebook about his suspicions of issues with the DPP Central Committee's sampling matrix. He absolutely did not believe the result of the opinion polls, which had Tsai beating Lai, Han Kuo-yu, and Ko Wen-je. He added that Tsai might as well announce she has won the presidency based on this result, and there is no need to campaign for her.


民進黨主席 卓榮泰表示:「所有的人現在要扮演加號的角色,那未來的合作有很多很多的模式,這也是模式之一而已。」
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