Will Primary Delay Put KMT at Disadvantage?|藍總統人選7月中出爐 支持者憂不利選情

The Democratic Progressive Party concluded its presidential primary on June 13, but on the other end, The Kuomintang's 2020 presidential candidate won't be decided until after mid-July. Many supporters are worried the delay will not benefit the KMT.

Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu is in good spirits as he cuts the ribbon at Jing-Ho Mental Hospital's opening ceremony. During a TV interview on the 13th, Han said there are people in the Kuomintang that don't like him but declined to say who. He also said he has carefully considered his options for running mate and administrative staff, and plans to set up his campaign headquarters in Kaohsiung. He also said the Executive Yuan intentionally posted a video of him attending a meeting in Taipei to make him look bad.

Since entering office, Premier Su Tseng-chang has repeatedly called for the mayor of Kaohsiung to attend meetings in person. So I did. After the meeting, they edited together a video of me and posted it online to criticize me. This isn't exactly great.

Han says the vice president elected in 2020 has to be committed to creating a better future for the next generation. Hon Hai Chair Terry Gou, who has said the same thing about himself, campaigned in Chiayi and Tainan on the 14th. Gou is popular with retired police, who chanted "Tsai Ing-wen, step down. Terry Gou, take office."

The Democratic Progressive Party will be fielding Tsai in 2020, but the KMT's candidate won't be decided until mid-July. Many supporters are worried the delay will put the KMT at a disadvantage.

KMT candidates are still strutting about shaking their tail feathers. By the time they get done, they could be at a severe disadvantage.

The infighting within the party has affected the morale of the pan-blue camp and is why our party's support rating keeps falling.

There are also reports that party representatives plan to submit a petition at the party's national congress to remove the clause that the president can't concurrently serve as party chair. This "defensive" move could have an impact on how the KMT's primary goes.

Losing the opportunity to rule the nation was a huge mistake on our part. We now have to do everything we can (to win). As for whether the next president can also be party chair after taking office, this will not be an important issue.

As party chair, Wu Den-yih has the party's resources at his disposal and he may not be willing to give up power. Many believe he still hasn't given up on a presidential run. In response, Wu says party representatives have the right to submit proposals and it remains to be seen whether the change will be approved.


高雄市長 韓國瑜表示:「行政院蘇貞昌院長上任之後,一直說高雄市長希望親自去開會,我也去了,去了以後剪接我的影片,在網路上來傳,來修理我跟批判我,我覺得這樣不太好。」
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