Gov't Halts University's Effort to Curb Armyworm Epidemic|擔心干擾防治 秋行軍蟲防疫計畫喊卡

Taiwan is currently on high alert for further damage by the fall armyworm. Therefore, Chaoyang University of Technology introduced sex pheromone trapping to farmers so they can monitor the situation and determine whether control measures are needed. However the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine believes this method will interfere with the current official control effort and has asked the university to abort the project for now.

Researchers carefully adjust the ratio of different chemical elements before injecting them into a tube. This is the latest sex pheromone developed at the Chaoyang University of Technology that targets the fall armyworms. The Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine recently asked the university to stop producing the pheromone and to not provide samples to local farmers.

We are providing (samples of the new pheromone) to the farmers for free. The goal is to monitor the number and distribution of grown fall armyworms. It's possible that some of them misunderstood our intention while sharing our (online posts). We have also received phone calls from the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine on the matter.

Researchers of the Chaoyang University of Technology said that their pheromone research center has provided sex pheromone samples to farmers in hopes to help them curb and monitor the epidemic. According to the Agro-pesticide Management Act, however, toxic pesticides and non-toxic pest-control chemicals must be approved before they can be applied in the field. Also, the application of unproven pest-control chemicals could affect the accuracy of official pest-control and prevention figures.

During our second phase, when we are seeing signs of the second-generation mature armyworms, we'd adjust our pest-control strategies. Therefore, the bureau takes the statistics pertaining the armyworms very seriously. We'd like to survey and monitor the (spread of armyworms) from our own preset stations.

The Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine said that they are currently in the process of gathering statistics on armyworms, and that pest-control efforts from the non-government sector could affect the accuracy of their statistics. The Chaoyang University of Technology has also decided to stop handing out pheromone samples to farmers. Currently, there are 12 confirmed fall armyworm cases in Yunlin County by June 16, which is the most in Taiwan according to the Council of Agriculture. In some areas, such as Taichung City's Qingshui District, the pest-control workers have burned down affected crops.


朝陽科大健康農糧中心執行秘書 林美靜表示:「我們這是免費提供給農民,去做監測(成蟲數量和分布)使用,可能也許,在(農民)轉貼過程中,導致一些誤解,所以我們確實也接到電話,(來自防檢局的)關切電話。」


農委會防檢局副局長 鄒慧娟表示:「第二階段,就是當我們本地有第二代成蟲,發現之後,就會調整防疫策略,所以捕獲成蟲的紀錄,我們(局裡)很重視,所以這部分,就由我們這邊,依據我們布設的點,來做調查。」
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