Pro and Anti-nuclear Groups Debate over Nuclear Casualty|擁核方稱核電唯一傷亡 是反核撞保警

Recently, all five KMT Presidential hopefuls have expressed their support for the use of nuclear power. Whether to reboost No.4 Nuclear Plant seems to be the hot topic of this election. Meanwhile, pro-nuclear power group is also planning to put forward a referendum. They said the only casualty in Taiwan caused by the use of nuclear power is the deadly accident that happened during the anti-nuclear protest back in 1991. In response, the anti-nuclear power groups said according to Atomic Energy Council's statistics, that there have been a total of 3 deaths and 47 injuries since the first nuclear plant began operation.

All of five presidential hopefuls of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) expressed support in rebooting the No.4 nuclear plant in the party primary. Mr. Huang Shih-hsiu, a pro-nuclear power activist, has also proposed to vote on the matter through a referendum. Part of pro-nuclear power statement says that the only casualty during Taiwan's forty years of using nuclear power is the one person killed when anti-nuclear power groups drove their car over a security guard during a protest. The anti-nuclear power groups criticize the statement for inciting hatred.

Using fake information to promote a referendum is a severe harm to the fundamental principle of referendums.

The Taiwan Environmental Protection Union also cites data from the Atomic Energy Council, saying that since the first nuclear plant began operation, there have been a total of 3 deaths and 47 injuries. The union said the pro-nuclear power groups have resorted to fake information and has asked the Central Election Commission to look into the matter. The pro-nuclear groups said that they should verify whether the death toll is the result of construction or nuclear radiation, and that they should cite the proper figure when talking about the safety of nuclear plants.

We should focus on whether the nuclear plants have emitted any radiation which caused death or injuries. We cannot turn this discussion into a battle of ideology.

Fang Chien, the secretary-general of the Green Consumers' Foundation, said that Taiwan has entered the next cycle for strong earthquakes, and the pro-nuclear groups' proposal of rebooting a nuclear plant could lead to disastrous consequences. Professor Lee Ming, who is pro-nuclear power, said that any policy regarding nuclear power deals with danger, and everyone has a different perception and understanding of "risk" and it should be decided through a referendum.


台灣環保聯盟創會理事長 施信民表示:「假的訊息來做公民投票的一個判斷,這樣的情形,是非常嚴重傷害公民投票制度的基本精神的。」


清大工程與系統科學系教授 李敏表示:「有沒有核電廠發生輻射外釋,造成了人民的死亡或者受傷,大家應該針對這個來討論,台灣的能源不是以意識形態來主導。」
中選會:中央選舉委員會(簡稱中選會)是中華民國全國選舉事務的主管部會,受行政院監督的獨立機關。 ...更多