CDC Issues Apology for Dengue Fever Text Waring Mistake|登革熱疫情警示出包 疾管署:系統錯誤

On July 9, Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control sent out a text alert to warn people in Tainan City's Kaishan borough of the dengue fever outbreak in the area. Instead, millions of cell phone users across Taiwan all received this alert. The CDC later on issued an apology blaming the error to the system's settings.

Spraying insecticide in the alleyways, authorities worked hard to eliminate dengue fever mosquito breeding sources. The number of indigenous dengue fever cases have accumulated to six, with half of the cases located in Kai Shan borough in the city's central west. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) utilized their warning system for the first time to send text message alerts to the surrounding area within a 2 kilometer radius of Kai Shan borough. However, the whole country received the alert.

Tainan area? Yes. We were thinking that we are in Fengshan, and Fengshan in Kaohsiung is quite some distance from there.

So I think that on this kind of thing, we should really try to avoid this kind of mistake if we can, to avoid disturbance to other areas.

Tainan City mayor says the central government has disturbed the public. The CDC apologized and said that a system update probably had accidentally changed the settings on the intended area of communication.

It's a problem with our system. So we here at the CDC solemnly apologize to the entire country. We are currently debugging the system.

Meanwhile, Kaohsiung is also encountering a severe dengue fever outbreak with 37 confirmed cases. The city government said they have already evaluated the possibility of using the warning system, but came to the conclusion that the effect might be limited against epidemic prevention.

Our evaluation was that it would have an effect, but not too great. It means that we have to send a text to the public every 5 or 10 minutes, or even once per hour to remind people for it to be effective.

However, Kaohsiung's city government said that they have developed a dengue fever app. Though this app does not send alerts, it will allow citizens to check on which areas are affected and be cautious when they are entering or are around the affected areas.

在巷子裡大量噴藥,也出動人力,仔細查找病媒蚊孳生源,台南市本土登革熱疫情,到8日累積到6例,有一半就集中在中西區的開山里[資料畫面 out],疾管署9日中午首度用災防系統,對開山里周遭兩公里內,發出疫情警示簡訊,結果全台灣都收到了。
登革熱:骨痛热症 (也稱登革热),是由登革熱病毒所引起的一種傳染病,它是由屬於斑蚊的白線斑蚊(Aedes albopictus)與埃及斑蚊(Aedes aegypti)先叮咬患者後,成為「病媒蚊」,其它健康的人可能因這隻病媒蚊叮咬而感染。 ...更多