Former Political Prisoners Protest Revised National Security Law|政治犯上凱道 批國安5法"白色恐怖2.0"

Many congregated at the Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park to protest against the latest amendment to the National Security Act, which they believe, does not clearly define its boundaries and could incriminate people for simply voicing their support for unification.

A large number of former political prisoners, some are wheelchair bound, have congregated at the Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park to voice their protest against the latest amendment to the National Security Act. They said that the new law reminds them of the White Terror era. The protestors listed one of the articles in the new law, which states that those who help any organization in China can be subject to more than 7 years of imprisonment as well as fines of up to NT$100 million. However, there is no clear definition of what an organization is, and this allows the government to incriminate anybody who travels frequently between Taiwan and Mainland China without proper evidence.

The statement allows the incrimination of anyone who helps an organization in China. Actually, anyone could come into contact with an organization linked to the Communist Party of China. Take (Taipei Mayor) Ko Wen-je, for example. He recently took part in the Shanghai-Taipei Twin City Forum, he could be said to have broken the law according to the revised act. When average citizens travel to China, the travel agencies that provide them with some good treats could be administered by the CPC.

81-year old Huang Ying-wu once took part in an underground organization, and served 8 years in prison in 1967. He believes the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is adopting the same strategies as the KMT back in the early days when they were opposing the CPC, which is a deviation from the spirit of transitional justice. He believes close cross-strait relations is vital for the life of people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Technically speaking, it is underground organization work. Me along with 20 others were arrested for opposing the KMT (during the White Terror era). Many of my friends were imprisoned, a violation of Article 2-3. Therefore, we believe what the DPP is implementing today is absolutely wrong, and we're very angry about it.

Many have come to the Presidential Office building to hand in their petition. These victims during the White Terror era said that there were members of the DPP who protested along with them when they opposed the KMT back in that era. They have called on the DPP to retract the articles implemented in the revised National Security Act. The presidential office accepted their petition but did not give any response.


台灣地區政治受難人互助會監委主任 吳俊宏表示:「不得為大陸地區組織,(其實)你到大陸區,隨時會碰到哪一個大陸的個人單位,都是跟共產黨有關係啊!像柯P去雙城論壇,那他也會觸法,那一般民眾你去旅遊,說不定旅遊社給你招待,旅遊社也是共產黨(底下的組織)。」


白色恐怖政治犯 黃英武表示:「嚴格是地下工作啦,我們就是秘密在反抗他們(國民黨),我們差不多20幾個人,一起被逮捕,大部分都被判二條三,所以我們認為,對我們前輩來講,今天(民進黨)在實施這個東西,是倒行逆施,我們很憤怒。」
國民黨:中國國民黨(簡稱國民黨、KMT),是中華民國國父孫中山等革命黨人所創建的中國原生政黨,亦是中華民國與亞洲歷史最悠久的政黨之一。其前身最早為成立於1894年的檀香山興中會,而後分別改組為中國同盟會、國民黨及中華革命黨,1919年10月10日經中華民國國父孫中山改組後改為現名。 2000年中華民國總統選舉敗選後,該黨首次成為在野黨,至2008年中華民國總統選舉重掌執政權至今。中國國民黨與其分離出來的親民黨和新黨等政黨構成的泛藍陣營,和以民進黨為首的泛綠陣營並列為現今中華民國兩大政治聯盟。 ...更多