Piles of Garbage Wash Up on Tainan Beach|台南安平港南堤海灘 滿布海漂垃圾

Over 500 meters of garbage washed up on the coast off the southern embankment of Tainan City South District's Sikunshen Anping Port in just a few short days. Most of the garbage is Styrofoam beverage cups, plastic bottles, and glass bottles. Tainan Community University environmental researcher believes this garbage may have originally come from Erren River and was washed out to the estuary by torrential rains several day ago. It then drifted north with the tide to the Harbor.

Environmental workers and volunteers clean the beach along Anping Port's southern embankment. Countless plastic bottles and Styrofoam cups have washed up on the beach in recent days. Tainan Community University environmental researcher Chao Jui-kuang believes the garbage originated in Kaohsiung.

In general, no. I haven't seen these things (plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups) before unless it's after a typhoon. In general, we don't usually see these things.

The most likely culprit is Luchu's landfill due to its proximity to Erren River. If management is the slightest bit lax, any bout of heavy rain could wash the garbage into the river.

Chao says Luchu's landfill is very close to Erren River and heavy rains over consecutive days may have swept the garbage into the river and then out to sea. A Hong Kong national surnamed Yeung who lives in Taiwan says local beverage stores illegally use Styrofoam cups and the masses of cups that washed up on the beach are clearly new. Yeung is spearheading the beach cleaning activity and calling on environmental agencies to address the problem.

Taiwan actually has a very high recycling rate of 95 percent. However, volume-wise the 5 percent that is not recycled is no small amount. Apart from changes to policy, the government also needs to do more on the education front.

The Tainan City Environmental Protection Bureau says a lot of marine refuse has washed up on shore due to recent torrential rains and the sheer volume makes it difficult to handle. The bureau will therefore hire additional personnel in coming days to remove the garbage and keep it from washing back out to sea.


台南市環保局南區清潔隊長 劉鎮智表示:「大部分沒有,沒有看過這些東西(寶特瓶、保麗龍杯)。除非是颱風過後,可能會漂起來比較奇怪,要不然是沒有這些東西。」

台南社大環境小組研究員 晁瑞光表示:「我們第一個懷疑路竹垃圾掩埋場,因為後面就是二仁溪,然後只要它的管制稍微沒有做好,下大雨的時候,後面的垃圾,就有可能會沖到二仁溪裡面去。」
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