Taitung on High Alert as Typhoon Danas Approaches|輕颱"丹娜絲"逼近 東部民眾嚴加戒備

Tropical Storm Danas is approaching the waters off of Taiwan's eastern coast and Orchid Island is already experiencing Category 10 winds and stronger waves as of this morning. Fishermen in Taitung County began typhoon prevention work in the morning while ferry operators operated eight ferries to transport over 2,000 tourists from Green Island back to Taitung.

Dark, ominous clouds hang over Orchid Island as waves swell.

Waves continuously assault the embankments along the coast of Taitung's Fugang. Green Island ferry operators ran eight ferries before noon to transport over 2,000 tourists back to Taitung. Some tourists cut their trips short due to Tropical Storm Danas, while others went ahead with their original itinerary.

(Were the waves really huge?) Pretty huge. I almost couldn't take it.

Passenger ferries began departing for Green Island at 6:30 this morning.

The day dawned bright and sunny in Taitung, but winds grew in strength throughout the morning. Fishermen spent the morning securing their boats even before the land warning was issued.

As it is also sugar apple harvest season in Taitung's Damu, farmers spent the morning doing everything they could to prevent damage to their crops.

We are trimming branches because we can't cover them with bags. All we can do is try to minimize the damage.

With wind force rising, flying sand has also become a problem in dry Taitung. The Taitung County Government's emergency response center has been activated and officials are calling on everyone to be on high alert.



遊客表示:「(海面上的浪會很大嗎?) 滿大的唷!我有一點快要撐不住了。」

岸巡富岡安檢所所長 鍾易昌表示:「今天早上6點半,陸續有客船前往綠島,輪運旅客。」

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