Typhoon Reports Scare Tourists Towards Hualien|憂颱風影響行程 旅客退房重創花蓮觀光

Tropical Storm Danas is currently located to the east of Taiwan. At 8:30 p.m. on July 17, the Central Weather Bureau lifted its land warning. There were fears that the tropical storm would hit Hualien County, but these fears were not realized. Nevertheless, hotels and guesthouses reported numerous cancellations.

At 11:30 a.m. on July 17, the Central Weather Bureau issued a land warning for Tropical Storm Danas. Hualien County hotels and guesthouses subsequently began receiving phone calls requesting room cancellations. Some guests stayed on because they weren't able to change their travel plans, although they were frightened by the news.

If I'm honest, the media over-exaggerated this time. I think it affected Hualien's accommodation providers and people like us with travel plans.

Though it ended up being a false alarm, it was good news that the tropical storm did not hit Hualien. Hualien's hospitality industry was affected though, and it said this situation is another type of "typhoon disaster."

People have fearful mentalities, and the first thing they think of is that the typhoon is coming so I have to cancel right away.

I think the media was a bit too heavy-handed with its disaster-type news reports.

Both the public and local governments expressed their hope that typhoon forecasts would be able to help the public grasp information more clearly.

Everyone should be more precise with their use of words when making typhoon forecasts to avert losses to the tourism industry.

Hualien Weather Station explained that the tropical storm's path was hard to predict due to the effects of a high pressure system in the Pacific and the ebb and rise of different low pressure systems. Although Tropical Storm Danas did not approach Taiwan, a low pressure system to the south of Taiwan and to the west of Luzon requires monitoring. If it strengthens, it could bring no small amount of rain to central and southern Taiwan.


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