Forest Fire Still Raging on Green Island|綠島野火延燒28公頃 今持續悶燒中

There was a forest fire alarm in Taitung's Lyudao Township on the afternoon of Aug. 15. The forest raged across 28 hectares of protected forestland. As Green Island lacks water resources, it was difficult to fight the fire. On the 16th, the fire continued burning. The National Airborne Service Corps sent helicopters from both Taitung and Hualien to bring water over across the sea on both days. The national forest firefighting team also sent 17 people to Green Island to fight the fire.

Thick smoke can be seen over the mountainous part of Green Island's Baisha Bay.

The fire started around noon on the 15th and smoke was soon affecting visibility along the Baisha section of the round-island highway. Due to a lack of water resources and firefighters locally, the Taitung County Fire Department had to ask the Hualien and Taitung branches of the National Airborne Service Corps to send bags of lake water over to Green Island by helicopter.

Part of it was that our personnel had no way to immediately fight the fire, so we asked the National Airborne Service Corps to help from the air.

Due to strong winds, the fire was still raging across 28 hectares of protected forestland as of the morning of the 16th.

The Forestry Bureau also sent 17 national forest firefighters to Green Island to help.

The fire spread across an area of 28 hectares very quickly, but the area of forest damage is probably only around 2 hectares.

An official says screwpine trees suffered the most damage and this may impact crustacean habitats. There were two brushfires in Green Island in July. The cause of the fires remains unknown but authorities are calling on everyone to be careful with fire during outdoor activities on Green Island.



台東縣消防局秘書 林建成表示:「部分是我們人員,沒有辦法立即去做處理,所以我們也申請空勤直升機,來做一個空中滅火。」

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