8 People Infected Measles by a "Super-spreader"|男子越南染麻疹返台傳染6人 證實再增2人

Previously, a man in northern Taiwan were confirmed to have contracted measles after traveling to Vietnam. This man's family member, a passenger on his flight returning from Vietnam and four members of the healthcare staff at Cathay General Hospital who came in contact with the patient have all been confirmed to have contracted measles and are receiving treatment. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced that two other people have also been infected with measles.

We have established communication channels with Cathay General Hospital and the Department of Health of Taipei City Government. So currently, the total amount of people who has been in contact with the patients are 1,879 people. We will continue to monitor them until September 8th. During this time, Cathay General Hospital will also enhance their access control. However, under this rapid response of disease prevention, this cluster infection should be stopped eventually.

The CDC confirmed two new measles cases associated with a cluster infection in Cathay General Hospital. One of the confirmed case is a nurse in her twenties who had come into direct contact with the man infected with measles. The other one is a 40 year old male who was accompanying his family to seek treatment at the hospital. Both of them showed symptoms on Aug. 13 and Aug. 15 respectively. The CDC confirms that there are currently a total 9 measles cases associated with this cluster infection. A total of 1,879 people who had come into contact with the patients would be monitored for symptoms until September 8th.

疾管署副署長 莊人祥表示:「我們現在因為跟國泰、還有北市衛生局這邊,都有建立防治的一個溝通管道,所以目前整個這個接觸者,總共還有1,879人,我們目前會持續監測到9月8號為止,那這段時間,國泰醫院也持續加強他們的這個管控,不過以整個,目前整個防疫的節奏看起來,是有辦法慢慢地收斂。」

CDC:衛生福利部疾病管制署(簡稱疾管署),是中華民國衛生福利部轄下的一個所屬機關,負責建立現代化防疫體系。 ...更多