ROC Celebrates National Day with Entertaining Performances|雙十國慶大會 陸軍專校勇士戰鼓隊揭序幕

The theme of this year's National Day celebration was "Taiwan Forward." The program included many entertaining performances, which kicked off with a military drum team performance at 10 a.m. Let's take a look.

A 110-member drum team from military schools kick off the National Day program.

The Republic of China Honor Guard enters next, performing in formation with 6-kilogram M1 rifles to Amei Chang classic "Holding Hands."

The national anthem was performed by Father Edmund Ryan, pianist Anna Teng, and 30 new immigrants from Southeast Asia.

As the group sang the anthem, ROC Army Aviation and Special Forces Command transport helicopters flew to the stage unfurling giant ROC flags. The next to make an appearance in six Black Hawk helicopters was the slow flight team, which is tasked with rescuing victims and retrieving personal property during disasters.

Next, the ROC Military Police Command roared onto the scene on motorcycles for a thrilling formation performance.

The theme of this year's National Day celebration was "Taiwan Forward." The festivities, which lasted from 10 a.m. to noon, also included a parade featuring 23 floats of medal-winning athletes and technicians.



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