Chen Tong-kai Planning to Turn Himself In In Taiwan?|"反送中"導火線陳同佳 傳有意來台自首

The Hong Kong man named Chan Tong-kai who murdered his girlfriend in Taiwan will be released from prison on Oct. 23. According to rumors, he may come to Taiwan to turn himself in. This could result in in a judicial conflict between Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Mainland Affairs Council says Chan is being forced to turn himself in and the Hong Kong government has never mentioned the "judicial mutual assistance" cooperation mechanism. The council says the Hong Kong government is therefore trying to degrade Taiwan's sovereignty and is also being politically manipulated behind the scenes. Interior Minister Hsu Kuo-yung says Chan can be sentenced in Hong Kong, which doesn't have a death penalty, but wants to come to Taiwan to be sentenced, where there is a death penalty. Hsu says this totally violates the human nature of defendants and he can't understand the Hong Kong government. National Security Bureau Director-General Chiu Chui-cheng says this sudden occurrence in the midst of the anti-extradition movement is very suspicious.

Hong Kong woman Poon Hiu-wing was murdered by her boyfriend, Chan Tong-kai, in Taiwan in 2018. Chan will be released from prison this week and reportedly plans to turn himself in to Taiwan. The Mainland Affairs Council says there is more to this than meets the eye and Hong Kong has never responded to its multiple requests for a judicial mutual assistance agreement. Therefore, Chan wanting to turn himself in to Taiwan is clear evidence of political manipulation.

(China) is using this case for political manipulation. We have to talk about judicial mutual assistance first. Only in this way can we safeguard our judicial sovereignty.

In the past, Hong Kong has refused to discuss judicial mutual assistance with us. Now with all the anti-extradition stuff going on, they want to send (Chan) to Taiwan? We absolutely will not fall into China's trap.

Interior Minister Hsu Kuo-yung, meanwhile, says the Hong Kong government has ulterior motives and says courts in Taiwan cannot rule on this case in the absence of a judicial mutual assistance agreement. According to Hsu, it is no wonder people are saying Chen is being forced to turn himself in.

He is currently in a place with no death penalty. He can escape a death penalty sentence in that place, and he doesn't want to? He wants to come to a place where there is a death penalty, and be sentenced there? This violates defendant human nature.

Both the Ministry of Justice and Mainland Affairs Council have sent them correspondence or tried to negotiate with them, but it seems like they never responded. (They) suddenly want to send him here -- it's very suspicious.

One scholar says the Zain Dean case can be used as a point of reference. Dean, a British national, fled Taiwan for Scotland after killing someone while driving drunk. Although there was no judicial mutual assistance agreement between Taiwan and England, "factual extradition" was eventually invoked.

(Hong Kong) should execute a judicial order asking Chen Tong-kai whether he committed this crime in Taiwan. If he says yes, then under the circumstances factual extradition can be invoked and he can be sent to Taiwan for sentencing.

The Ministry of Justice says assistance from Hong Kong is needed to uncover all the facts of the case and Taiwan would do everything it can based on the principle of mutual benefit to provide the Hong Kong government with whatever assistance it needs.
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