Public Trespasses onto Incomplete Bridge for Selfies |南投雙龍七彩吊橋未完工 民眾闖工地拍照

The construction of the Shuiyuan Suspension Bridge in Nantou County is 90 percent complete and it is set to open to the public on the News Years Day of 2020. However, recently, some members of the public have trespassed into the construction zone just to take photos.

The construction workers are busy working on the Shuiyuan Suspension Bridge in Xinyi Township, Nantou County. The suspension bridge is measured at more than 300 meters long and more than 40 floors high. The bridge connects both sides of a ravine and offers a nice view over a waterfall. However, while the bridge is still being built, some have entered the construction area to take photos and share them on the internet.

This is not a good idea. The construction is still ongoing in this area, and they're taking photos.

This could give the wrong impression, especially to those who don't know that bridge is under construction. It would be really bad if more people come here to take photos.

The construction company has put up a sign to inform the public that the bridge is still under construction. However, some members of the public still entered the construction zone to take photos, which has been a big source of headaches for workers.

The tourists would often come after the workers finish their shifts. They often use camera drones to take photos from the air.

The construction company said that they have finished paving the floor of the bridge, which features a new color every 50 meters. The over construction is 90 percent finished, and the company anticipates that the bridge will be open to the public at the beginning of next year. The county government said that it will enforce the supervision of the construction zone to prevent the public from entering, but will not put a fine in place.

Currently, we don't have a fine in place. We will enforce the supervision on the area. We have also called on the public not to entered construction zone. Of course, if some still insist on trespassing the area despite our best effort, we'll have to rethink our security strategies.

The Nantou County government said that it will make plans on insurance and security mechanism. However, since it's still in the planning stage, it would be difficult to pinpoint the responsible party if members of the public suffer from harm in the area. The government has repeatedly called on the public not to enter the construction zone before the bridge opens to the public.

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