Chinese Taipei Goes Into WBSC Premier12 with Young Team|12強中華隊正值換血 均齡27歲7個月

The World Baseball Softball Confederation Premier12 tournament is underway, with Group B starting play on Nov. 5. The Chinese Taipei national team is currently in a transition stage, and the average age of the 28-man roster is just 27 years and seven months. The 13 pitchers have an average age of 26 years and seven months. Nevertheless, the team is as cohesive as ever.

Bullpen coach Wang Chien-ming offers tips and smiles occasionally during practice. Pitcher Chiang Shao-ching, who currently plays for the Triple-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, says he has felt the team's cohesion ever since the players started practicing together.

These players are all pretty young, and everyone is energetic and conscientious with each other. For example, even when we have days off, everyone still comes in to train on their own.

The Chinese Taipei national team is currently playing in Group B of the World Baseball Softball Confederation Premier12 tournament. There are only 10 players on the 28-man roster over the age of 30. The average age is 27 years and seven months. For the 13 pitchers, the average age is even younger, 26 years and seven months. They were able to quickly build team cohesion. Pitcher Lin Kai-wei, who is 23 years old and plays for a Class A minor league team affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks, is considered to be the life of the party.

Everyone is pretty fun, but sometimes they won't let their hair down until someone else starts to do so.

While the young players bring energy to the national team, the veterans such as Hu Chin-lung, Wang Sheng-wei, Lin Che-hsuan, Kuo Yen-wen, and Chen Chun-hsiu are contributing leadership with their ample international experience. The coaching staff says the camaraderie is perfect so they don't worry about it.

There's one great thing about the young players, which is they are fast. What's important is how we can exploit this advantage.

You watch them, and you can see the young and old talking amongst themselves. Perhaps they're passing knowledge on, I don't know.

Manager Hong I-chung says no one is nervous about the games that are coming up. He has told his players to focus on playing their roles and not on results to increase their chances of winning games.

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