PFP Denies Wang's Claim Soong Wants Him As Running Mate|親民黨:宋楚瑜副手人選 不找政治人物

Now many have been waiting to see if former Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng and People First Party leader James Soong will join hands to contest the presidential election. Wang confirmed that he had rejected the offer to be Soong's running mate while he still hasn't got the nomination he needed, as the election is less than two months away. Wang said he will fight to the end.

According to reports, former Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng announced during a Kuomintang gathering on the 7th that he had met twice with People First Party Chair James Soong. Wang, who is desperately looking for a way to run for president after failing to get the KMT nomination, initially thought the PFP nomination was his. Unfortunately for him, Soong changed his mind this week.

(Wang Jin-pyng) did in fact tell everyone the People First Party offered him its presidential nomination. (Wang said) the PFP later changed its mind and offered him the vice presidential nomination. (Wang said) he rejected the offer.

(Chairman Soong doesn't want to nominate you anymore.) (Are you still going to run?) You knew he wouldn't give you (the nomination).

Wang declined to comment on Soong's flip-flop, but his office has issued a press release saying Wang will fight to the end. The statement also said Soong has asked Wang to be his running mate, but Wang has not agreed. In response, the People First Party confirmed Soong has told Wang he is willing to work with him on some level, but Soong does not want a politician for a running mate.

At the end of October, (James Soong) probably asked Wang about the possibility of maybe collaborating. Did (Soong) offer (Wang) the nomination? I wasn't there, so I really don't know. (Soong) was probably clear about (the vice president nomination) as well. He's (not interested) in a current politician (for a running mate).

Chang Shuo-wen says Soong is open to a female running mate. The election is just two months away, but Soong appears to be in no rush to formally announce a presidential bid.


國民黨立委 賴士葆表示:「(王金平)確實有講說,本來親民黨是要給他選總統,後來變成是選副總統,那他不接受。」

國民黨立委 王金平(108.11.7.)表示:「(宋主席沒有要給你門票了,你還要再選下去嗎?) 你又知道他不會給?」

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