MAC Arranges Plane to Bring back Taiwanese Students from HK|香港中大停課 陸委會協調華航接回台生

After the Chinese University of Hong Kong became the new battle ground between riot police and demonstrators, the Mainland Affairs Council has begun to coordinate China Airlines to help evacuate the Taiwanese students in Hong Kong back to Taiwan.

These Taiwanese students in Hong Kong are getting ready to head back to Taiwan. They will be getting on the planes of China Airlines, arranged by the Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council.

Tear gas has been used throughout the day. The university told us that there will be police outside the dormitory starting at 7:30 pm and that we should stay inside. We were scared even in the dorm, we worry that (the riot police) would come in anytime.

The Ministry of Education said that the local Taiwanese students association have arranged many students to contact their families, and that most of the students are safe. Some students said that the atmosphere in Hong Kong was tense even when they stayed inside the dorm.

The roads around the university have been jammed, and it's difficult for (the students) to leave the campus. We have dispatched vehicles to shuttle them directly to the airport.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, a total of 1,021 Taiwanese students are currently in Hong Kong, of whom 303 enroll at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After violent clashes erupted at the university since Tuesday, the Mainland Affairs Council have arranged flights to bring 284 Taiwanese students back to Taiwan.

Some things are hard to say. When we sent our child (to HK) last year, we thought it would be a good experience for him. It would be a unique and different experience for him. We didn't know how the environment was going to change at the time. It was of course quite different then compared to what it is now. If we'd known about how the situation would change, we wouldn't have sent him (to study in HK).

The Education Bureau of Hong Kong announced on the afternoon of November 13 that all schools are suspended on November 14. The Chinese University of Hong Kong also announced that the current semester will not resume. Su Chyun-feng, head of the University's Students' Union has applied for an injunction to ban police from entering campus without a warrant. The court has rejected the emergency injunction.




陸委會港澳蒙藏處副處長 張張表示:「因為他們校園附近的道路交通阻塞,他們出來比較不方便,我們就有車子,他們從校園出來之後,我們有車子接他們到機場。」
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