PFP to Reveal At-large Legislator Candidates on Nov. 20|不分區明公布 宋楚瑜仍不談是否有郭家軍

On the other end, James Soong, the presidential candidate for the minority People First Party, said the list of their candidates for legislators at-large will only be announced on November 20. When asked whether the list will include members from the camp of former Foxconn tycoon Terry Gou, Soong refrained from commenting.

As both the ruling DPP and opposition KMT announced their list of candidates for Legislators at large, minority People First Party still has not announced their list. The Party's presidential candidate, James Soong does not reveal any names, he only said that candidates must possess three major qualities.

First, (the candidate must be) open and honest. Second, professionalism. Third, care for those who are disadvantaged.

Soong didn't reveal whether members from the camp of former Foxconn CEO Terry Gou will be on the list. However, his emphasis on caring for those who are disadvantaged reminds many of the mission statement of Terry Gou's Yonglin Foundation. Soong also said, during a radio interview, that his party and Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je's Taiwan People's Party are not competitors. Soong said minority parties should unite their forces to beat the two major parties.

I don't consider the Taiwan People's Party as my opponent. ( You look down on them? You don't think they're worthy?) No, no. I'm looking to compete against the two major parties. I hope the voice of smaller parties can be heard.

Soong is also asked about Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je's earlier statement on the two sides of Taiwan Strait belonging to one family and its significance amidst the ongoing anti-extradition bill protest in Hong Kong. Soong responded by saying that cross-strait communications is the most important thing at this point. He stresses that Taiwan has freedom and democracy, and that he is the best candidate at cross-strait communication.

The goal is to find a way to connect both sides across the Taiwan Strait, not to create friction. The value of freedom and democracy is party of the DNA of every Taiwanese. I can say that I have advantages compared to candidates from other parties.

James Soong also revealed in the interview that they have previously discussed in private about nominating Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je to run for president with deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan as the vice president candidate. But Ko turned out to not run for president, but to set up his own Taiwan People's Party instead. Soong said he wasn't aware of how it all came to pass, but he respects Ko Wen-je's decision. He said his current goal is to have members from the minority parties occupy seats in the Executive Yuan.


親民黨總統參選人 宋楚瑜表示:「一原地公開、二專業、第三,關懷弱勢。」


電台廣播主持人 周玉蔻 vs. 親民黨總統參選人 宋楚瑜表示:「我不把民眾黨當我的競爭對象。(你小看他?你看不起他?) 不是,不是,我要跟其他兩大黨來競爭,要讓第三個選擇,和另外的聲音能夠出的來。」
宋楚瑜:曾任自1885年臺灣建省以來唯一的民選省長,支持他的人都簡稱他為宋省長、永遠的宋省長。2015年8月6日,宋楚瑜宣布參選2016年中華民國總統選舉。 ...更多

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