Chinese Taipei Baseball Team Welcomed by Fans at Airport |中華棒球隊搭機返台 近千名球迷熱情迎接

Taiwan's baseball team ended up in fifth place in the recently concluded World Premier 12 baseball tournament. Though the team failed to secure a place in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, their win over rival South Korea by a score of 7 to 0 was impressive to many and the team was greeted with close to 1,000 fans when they arrived back home at the Taoyuan International Airport.

The Chinese Taipei ended up in fifth place in the recently concluded World Baseball Softball Confederation Premier12 tournament, however, it failed to secure a place in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Team manager Hong I-chung decided to resign after the team failed to reach the goal under his leadership. Sports Administration Director-General Kao Chin-hsiung and John Wu, Commissioner of Taiwan's top Chinese Professional Baseball League, have both tried to convince Hong to stay. Kao also said he, along with John Wu and Chinese Taipei Baseball Association Chairperson Jeffrey Koo will hold a discussion on how the national team can snatch the last seat for the Tokyo Olympics in the upcoming tournament.

中華職棒:中華職業棒球大聯盟(簡稱中華職棒、中職、CPBL)是臺灣成立最早、以及目前唯一的職業棒球聯盟,前身是1989年創立的「中華職業棒球聯盟」,創始球隊為味全龍、三商虎、兄弟象和統一獅,2003年與台灣職棒大聯盟合併後改為現名。 ...更多

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