Ko Eliminates Mayoral Order Letter Because of Yang Hui-ju?|蔡壁如爆料 曾有3名女性要巿長專箋補助

Just how much money did the Taipei City Government give Yang Hui-ju? City advisor Tsai Pi-ru says Yang "helped out" at city hall during Ko Wen-je's first year as mayor and was constantly asking Ko for extrabudgetary subsidies. According to Tsai, Ko rejected all of the requests and ultimately eliminated mayoral order letters. Yang then turned to a Democratic Progressive Party city councillor for help, hoping the councillor could use her influence to change Ko's mind. Ko says he got rid of more than just mayoral order letters.

I abolished a charitable period for Taipei Dome. In the past, 50 days were taken into account and 20 days for the mayoral order. I got rid of that. That's one. And then, sports subsidies had a scoring standard that were used to decide the size of the subsidy.

Was this the end of the relationship between Ko and Yang? According to Ko, he has abolished as many discretionary powers as possible and is getting rid of loopholes as they are discovered. Taipei City Labor Commissioner Lai Hsiang-lin, meanwhile, is tackling the online food delivery management issue.

Lai is calling for the passage of autonomous regulations to deal with the spate of labor disputes involving online food delivery platforms. If passed, these would be the first regulations of their kind in Taiwan. Lai also plans to take her cause to the legislature.

Would a local autonomous law like this have enough coverage? I think we still to face reality: If I can approach the central government -- if I can get a seat in the legislature, I believe we can promulgate this law nationwide and not just pass an autonomous regulation in Taipei City.

Lai plans to resign in mid-December to focus on the election. Tsai and Taipei City Deputy Spokesperson Huang Jing-ying tendered their resignations on the 6th.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「我廢掉一個是小巨蛋的公益檔期,以前50天是打分數的,20天是市長專箋,那個後來被我廢掉,一個是後來運動的補助是訂一個評分標準,按照分數然後去決定補助的金額。」


民眾黨不分區立委提名人 賴香伶表示:「一個這樣地方自治的法規,涵蓋面夠不夠,我想我們還是要很誠實的跟各位報告,如果我能到中央去,我能夠擔任立法委員,我相信我們必須是在全國一致的推動,而不是只有台北市自己的自治條例。」
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