Bidding for 5G Internet Service Begins|5G頻譜競標正式開跑 黃金頻段競爭激烈

The National Communications Commission held its first auction for the spectrum reserved for 5G services on Dec. 10, and the commission has set the floor price at NT$30 billion.

The bidding for 5G internet service has begun.

National Communications Commission (NCC) Acting Chairperson Chen Yaw-shyang announces the bidding for 5G internet service provider has officially begun. The five major telecomm service providers in Taiwan have all joined the bid. They are Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, FarEasTone, Asia Pacific Telecom Co., and Taiwan Star Telecom. The NCC has put three bandwidths up for the first phase of bidding, including 1800MHz, 3.5GHz and 28GHz. Ten rounds of bids are held daily during the first phase, which is anticipated to conclude in 2 weeks. The most coveted internet bandwidth, the 3.5GHz, has attracted fierce competition, with the highest bid ended at NT$25 billion in the first round of the first day.

As far as international communication is concern, 3.5GHz is the most coveted internet bandwidth. It has attracted the fiercest competition and commanded the highest price.

5G internet is designed to be up to 10 times as fast as 4G internet. With 4G internet, it takes one and a half minute to download a one-hour long 4K video, it would take less than 10 seconds in a 5G environment. In the future, the internet can be used in super-high definition broadcast, and other intelligent services such as Internet of Vehicles. The construction of 5G internet service is key to the future of Taiwan's telecommunications industry.

(The technology) provides lots of possibilities for the future, including self-driving vehicles, long-distance healthcare, and 8K movie streaming.

The construction of 5G internet infrastructure requires a larger number of cell towers, which draws concerns over public health. The NCC said the concentration of cell towers will increase by three to four times, and that it will work closely with the Environmental Protection Administration in order to prevent potential risks. The cost of running 5G internet service is estimated at NT$10 billion per year for an internet service provider. This has drawn concerns over the price of 5G internet in the future.

The saying goes, there can be no wool without a sheep. At least three providers have a chance of winning the bid a future 5G internet provider. Whichever company wins will face competition, thus the company's pricing must be reasonable and competitive.

The NCC stresses that it will respect the pricing plans and strategies of future 5G providers. After the bidding concludes, the internet service is anticipated to begin in the second half of 2020.

NCC代理主委 陳耀祥:「5G今天的頻譜開始,拍賣開始!」


NCC代理主委 陳耀祥表示:「國際經營來看,應該是3.5GHz這一塊,是(競爭)最激烈的一塊,當然是價值最高的。」
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