Taipei Sees Spate of New Business Hotels|台北自由行旅客增 新商旅插旗搶商機

The total number of tourists visiting Taipei has declined every year since 2016. However, independent travel is on the rise. Between 2018 and 2019, 30 new hotels opened in the city, including 22 business hotels. Realtors say the occupancy rate of business hotels in upscale districts is around 80 percent.

This is Chongqing South Road, near Taipei Main Station. The road is full of business hotels. In the mornings, many international travelers can be seen checking out and boarding the metro to the airport, trains, or the high speed rail. In recent years, many new hotels have sprung up to cater to independent travelers.

The place we stayed at was very clean and peaceful, so it met our expectations.

They provided the Wi-Fi. This is comfortable.

Statistics compiled by the commercial real estate sector show that between November 2018 and November 2019, 30 new hotels opened in Taipei, adding 1,553 guest rooms. Of the 30 new hotels, 22 are inexpensive business hotels. The number of tourists visiting Taipei has been declining every year since 2016. However, the hospitality industry believes independent travelers will bring opportunities, and are opening business hotels. These are normally located near the train station or Taipei Metro stops, and a one night stay is priced at NT$1,000 to NT$3,500. The occupancy rates are quite good.

The absence of tourists from China has actually not had a significant effect on operators of tourist hotels, especially operators of business hotels. As far as we know, many business hotels, especially those in popular areas such as Ximending, Taipei Main Station, or along major roads, are able to achieve normal occupancy rates of 80 or 90 percent.

Recently, a four-story building in the best section of Ximending was leased out for NT$2.5 million a month. The competition between business hotels is expected to increase in the future. The tourism sector says this sudden emergence of inexpensive business hotels may adversely affect traditional hotels, and the accommodations market may once again undergo a change.





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