Public Warned Not to Use Whitening Products of Unknown Origin|速白乳液疑含類固醇 致萎縮性條紋.毛囊炎

A pair of teenage sisters residing in Kaohsiung recently purchased a lotion online, after using it, they developed stretch mark-like streaks on their thighs and pimples on their chests. It's been determined by dermatologists that the lotion contained a high quantity of steroids.

Bumpy streaks resembling stretch marks have appeared on the thighs of a pair of teenage sisters from Kaohsiung. One of them also developed numerous pimples on her chest. Doctors discovered that four months ago, the pair had purchased a lotion purporting rapid whitening results online, and used it all over their bodies. The doctors determined the lotion contained a large quantity of steroids, which caused the atrophic streaks and folliculitis.

If it contained steroids and mercury, then prolonged use will indeed whiten the skin, but there are many side effects. That's why people shouldn't purchase or use products of unidentified or dubious origin, especially those products that are sold online.

Dermatologists add that steroids should only be used with prescriptions. Although the government has controls in place, hospitals frequently treat people who develop residual effects from using whitening products containing steroids that are sold online.

That's all advertising, keeping the skin white still depends on protecting against the sun, wearing a face mask while outdoors, and protecting against UV rays.

If you see similar products being sold online, please carefully study the manufacturing date and company, as well as the usage. If the information is clear, then continue reading. If the information is completely unclear, then don't purchase these products.

As for the pair of sisters, even laser treatment may be unable to completely remove the atrophic streaks. The public is reminded not to use products of unknown origin or those advertised as having rapid whitening results. If lotions containing steroids must be used, they should only be applied on the afflicted parts of the body, not over a large surface.


皮膚科醫師 柯適中表示:「如果這含有類固醇的成分,含有水銀就是我們汞這個成分,它的確擦起來一段時間,你的皮膚的確有美白的效果,可是它相對的,副作用是比較多的,所以基本上這邊要呼籲一下,來路不明的產品, 來路不明的網路購物的產品,請各位不要任意去購買使用。」

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