Taiwan People's Party Prepares to Enter Legislature|國會第三大黨台灣民眾黨 賴香伶出任總召

The Taiwan People's Party is set to become the legislature's third largest party following the 2020 legislative elections. On Jan. 13, the party announced that its party caucus whip will be Taipei City Department of Labor Commissioner Lai Hsiang-ling, who was ranked first on its legislator-at-large nomination list. Jang Chyi-lu, who was second on the list, will be the deputy caucus whip.

Tsai Pi-ju, who will serve as a legislator-at-large representing the Taiwan People's Party in the next legislative session, smiles at a press conference. The TPP won five legislator-at-large seats in the 2020 legislative elections, and is set to become the legislature's third largest party. Tsai was asked if the party will seek to form coalitions with other political parties. She responded the TPP will cooperate with any party that shares its ideas.

I think the issue is whether to propose forming an opposition alliance. However, everyone has common ideas. However, I think there are some issues that affect livelihoods that are common desires.

Tsai also announced that the party's caucus whip will be Lai Hsiang-ling, and the deputy caucus whip will be Jang Chyi-lu. She also said committee assignments are still being discussed. Meanwhile, TPP Chairperson and Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je departed for Europe on Jan. 12 for city exchanges. He smiled as he said pan-green parties hold a majority in the legislature, and therefore the TPP is not a "key minority" party as it is unable to influence the choice of legislative leaders. When asked how the current cross-strait impasse should be resolved, Ko responded both sides need wisdom.

Some people joked about this election, saying that the Communist Party of China ended up harming the Kuomintang instead of helping it. However, this also reflects the opinions of the public, so we believe that facing problems is the first step towards resolving problems. China frequently issues benefits for Taiwan, but the people of Taiwan are running farther and farther away. This shows that problems remain with its past policy of suppression.

Tsai said party affairs will be handled by TPP Secretary-General Chang Jer-yang. The next objective is to establish grassroots members all over Taiwan. Meanwhile, the Taipei City Government announced a few personnel changes. It has granted the resignation request of Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission Chairperson Yu Chia-che, and the new chairperson will be Lai Yen-lin. As for Huang Jing-ying, Tsai said she will respect Huang's wishes on whether she wants to return to the Taipei City Government or work for the party's legislative caucus after Huang failed to get elected as a legislator.


民眾黨不分區立委當選人 蔡壁如表示:「我想大概就是要不要提出一個,在野大聯盟的概念,但是我覺得因為大家有共同的理念,但是我相信有一些對民生經濟的問題,我想這個是共同的願望。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「這一次選舉,有人在開玩笑說,這個共產黨是國民黨的豬隊友,不過這也反映台灣民意的態度,所以我覺得是這樣,面對問題是解決問題的第一步,大陸方面常常推出什麼惠台措施,結果台灣人越跑越遠,表示他的過去那種,打壓的政策還是有問題。」
蔡壁如:任台灣民眾黨立法委員、柯文哲市府顧問。 ...更多