William Lai to Be Tsai Ing-wen's Running Mate?|傳出下週四 綠營將宣布"蔡賴配"拉抬聲勢

President Tsai Ing-wen is expected to announce her running mate on Nov. 14. So, who will she pick? Many believe William Lai, whom was defeated by Tsai in the primary, will be her final choice. Meanwhile, Kuomintang's Han Kuo-yu visited Hsinchu on Nov. 6 and the self-described presidential candidate was confronted over his luxury home transaction.

Last week, Tsai Ing-wen and William Lai appeared together for the first time since Tsai defeated Lai in the Democratic Progressive Party's presidential primary in an effort show the DPP is united. There have been calls for the two to pair up, and it appears that Tsai will indeed formally announce Lai as her running mate on Nov. 14. According to reports, pro-independence factions approve of this pairing.

A Tsai-Lai pairing is not an empty catchphrase. With regards to the presidential candidate, the first thing is to respect the person nominated by the president. The president will announce her decision soon, so no one has to feel anxious.

The date of the announcement has not been confirmed, but apparently Tsai's campaign team wanted it to happen after the DPP's legislator-at-large list is announced on Nov. 13 and before the establishment of a national campaign headquarters. It remains unknown when this pairing will be registered with the Central Election Commission. Meanwhile, the Kuomintang has not yet decided on its vice presidential candidate. Presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu campaigned for Hakka votes in Hsinchu on Oct. 6.

The City God is very important for the people, because magistrates and mayors who don't make offerings at City God Temple won't be able to work in the government.

Han visited Hsinchu's City God Temple, and also joined doctoral candidates and youths for a chat. A weekly magazine recently reported Han purchased a luxury residence in Taipei for NT$70 million while unemployed and concluded his populist approach was an act. Han's office responded that the property was sold before the keys were delivered because the financial burden was too much. It also pointed out that everyone has the right to buy and sell property.


民進黨副祕書長 林飛帆表示:「蔡賴配不會是口號,總統候選人的部分,其實第一、必須尊重總統提名人,總統跟被徵詢的所有對象,其實應該很快就會公布,大家也不需要著急。」


國民黨總統參選人 韓國瑜表示:「當縣長市長的,沒有到城隍廟拜拜,是不能到政府去上班,所以城隍爺在人民的心目之中,是非常重要。」
韓國瑜:中華民國政治人物,2018年5月21日,韓國瑜接受中國國民黨提名,投入2018年中華民國直轄市長及縣市長選舉,參選高雄市長。 ...更多

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