First Case of Local Dengue Infection Found in Taipei|北市出現首例登革熱 衛生局赴建安里噴藥

The Centers for Disease Control confirmed this year's very first case of indigenous dengue fever infection in Taipei City. The male patient is in his 30's, who lives in Daan District's Jianan Borough. He has no recent history of traveling abroad. This is also the third case of indigenous dengue fever infection in the greater Taipei area, following two prior cases in New Taipei City's Zhonghe and Yonghe District.

Disease control personnel carried out dengue prevention measures near the man's home early this morning. They cleared out outdoor containers with standing water, removed waste in the area and sterilized areas within a 100-meter radius of the infected patient's house hoping to prevent the epidemic from spreading. The patient had experienced muscle pain and fever starting Aug. 15. His symptoms remained and he was diagnosed with dengue fever infection on his second doctor's visit, which is the next day. The Centers for Disease Control said that the patient lives and works in Daan District, but he had visited Tainan, Kaohsiung, Keelung and New Taipei City during the potential infection period. The CDC is working hard to determine the source of infection.

登革熱:骨痛热症 (也稱登革热),是由登革熱病毒所引起的一種傳染病,它是由屬於斑蚊的白線斑蚊(Aedes albopictus)與埃及斑蚊(Aedes aegypti)先叮咬患者後,成為「病媒蚊」,其它健康的人可能因這隻病媒蚊叮咬而感染。 ...更多