Gymnastic Move Named After Taiwan Athlete|睽違51年 我體操女將丁華恬進軍奧運

Seventeen-year-old gymnast Ting Hua-tien has had a memorable 2019. She qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In addition, during the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup event in Melbourne, Australia in February, she performed a move which was a modified version of an existing move. As she was the first athlete in history to perform this move, the International Gymnastics Federation named the move after her.

Ting Hua-tien leaps up and looks up, and then performs a 180-degree turn as she lands. The 17-year-old gymnast performed this move during the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup event in Melbourne, Australia in February. It was a modified version of an existing move, and Ting was the first person in the world to perform it. The International Gymnastics Federation therefore decided to name the move after her. The "Ting Hua-tien" has been added to the Code of Points used to judge gymnasts.

I had jumped really well, so I thought I might as well try rotating half a circle. I didn't expect that no one had performed this move before.

The move has been given a degree of difficulty of "D" and is worth 0.4 points. Ting's original intent was simply to try varying the move. She performed it during the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup, and applied to have the federation officially recognize it at the suggestion of the judges.

If the move you perform is not listed in the regulations, then it won't be recognized. That's why we had no choice but to apply for it to be recognized.

Several Taiwan gymnasts, including "pommel horse prince" Lee Chih-kai, previously applied to the federation to have new moves recognized, though none were successful. This means Ting is the first Taiwan gymnast to have a move named after her. During the 2019 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, she qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, making her the first female Chinese Taipei gymnast to compete in 51 years. Ting says her next objective is to win an Olympic medal.

起跳時後仰,落地時再180度轉向,17歲的丁華恬,做起這個體操地板技術動作,很輕鬆,因為全世界第一個跳出這個動作就是她,國際體操總會已經正式通過用她的名字來命名,未來體操動作列表上,這個動作,就叫做 "丁華恬跳" 。

體操選手 丁華恬表示:「就是說既然跳得那麼好,看看轉半圈,沒想到居然還沒有人做過這個動作。」


教練 蔡恆政表示:「體操的規則就是說,如果你所做的動作,沒有在規則裡面的話,那個動作是不承認的,所以也迫不得已我們就提出申請。」
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