Taiwan Stepping Up Swine Fever Checks at Airport|邊境防堵非洲豬瘟 春節增派3百名人力

With Chinese New Year approaching, Taiwan is stepping up border inspections for African swine fever. Council of Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung inspected Songshan Airport and said an additional 300 people will be sent to beef up inspections during the holiday period. Chen said there is no time off for prevention work and called on hog breeders to make sure they are steaming the kitchen waste used for animal feed at a high enough temperature. Chen said violators may be fined up to NT$2 million.

Check-in luggage is immediately X-rayed when international flights land. With Chinese New Year approaching, Songshan Airport has stepped up inspections even for flights coming in from countries not affected by African swine fever.

We are able to check 100 percent of check-in luggage. We are also able to check 100 percent of passengers' carry-on luggage.

During the holiday period last year, African swine fever was only a concern in China. This year, cases have been reported in 11 countries around Taiwan. Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung says 300 additional workers will help beef up inspections during the holiday period. He also reminded travelers not to bring pork products back to Taiwan.

Our ham, including our sausages and our Chinese sausages -- if the African swine fever virus is found in these cured products, they have the highest risk of transmission because they have not been steamed at a high temperature.

Chen also called on Taiwan's 7,000 hog farms to steam the kitchen waste used for animal feed at a high enough temperature during the holiday period and said inspections by environmental and agricultural agencies would continue. First-time offenders will be fined NT$30,000 while repeat offenders will face fines of up to NT$2 million.


台北松山機場檢疫站主任 郭小鶯表示:「我們這邊就是可以做到托運行李百分之百,然後旅客的行李,就是手提行李的部分,也是百分之百的。」


農委會主委 陳吉仲表示:「我們的火腿,包括我們的香腸,我們的臘腸,這些的醃製品裡面,如果有非洲豬瘟的病毒,它是最高的傳染風險,因為它沒有經過高溫的蒸煮。」
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