5G Auction Ends After 27 Days of Bidding|5G總得標1380億 中華電信456.75億買90MHz

Following 27 days of intense bidding, Taiwan's auction of 5G mobile airwaves concluded on Jan. 16. The total bid amount was NT$138 billion. The competition for the right to use the 3.5GHz band was especially fierce, and Chunghwa Telecom secured the right to the 90MHz spectrum for NT$45.675 billion to become the biggest winner. It was followed by Far EasTone Telecommunications, Taiwan Mobile, and Taiwan Star Telecom. Asia Pacific Telecom ended up withdrawing from the bidding for the 3.5GHz band.

The National Communications Commission kicked off its 5G mobile airwaves auction on Dec. 10, conducting 10 rounds every day. On Jan. 16, the 261st round was held, and the NCC predicted bids could reach NT$44 billion. This time, only a total of 270MHz was made available from the sought-after 3.5GHz band, and the bidding amongst five telecoms was fierce, causing the price to continuously rise. The NCC, worried that future data costs would increase, urged the companies to be rational and calm. The companies took a step back, allowing the bidding to finally conclude. 5G is expected to be available by mid-year.

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