Taipei, Prague Sign Sister City Agreement|率團訪捷克 柯文哲:不受壓迫是普世價值

During his tour of Europe, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je signed a sister city agreement with Czech capital Prague. Meanwhile, a legislator-elect from Ko's TPP expressed her hope for Huang Kuo-chang to become their vice chairperson.

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je is currently on a tour of Europe, and one of the stops on the itinerary was a visit with the Czech Parliament's Czech Republic-Taiwan Friendship Group. During this trip, Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib defied Chinese pressure to sign a sister city agreement with Taipei. Ko said his counterpart is friendly towards Taiwan and refuses to be repressed. He added that he doesn't like to be limited when it comes to exchanges with other cities, as this is a universal value. Back in Taiwan, Legislator-elect Tsai Pi-ju of Ko's Taiwan People's Party expressed her hope that Huang Kuo-chang of the New Power Party can become the TPP's vice chairperson. Ko said he prefers not to stretch Huang thin.

We can discuss it, but he's still a member of the New Power Party. It's not good to be stretched thin. (Huang Kuo-chang, Lee Yen-hsiu, and Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien have all been mentioned as your potential successors as mayor. What are your thoughts on these candidates, Mr. Mayor?) It's too early to talk about that, there are still more than two and a half years left in the term. Anyway, the will of the public will prevail. That's what I think. Those who are interested can start making preparations.

The TPP aims to become the biggest political party, and it is eyeing magisterial and mayoral seats now that it has entered the legislature. Tsai has already begun recruiting on behalf of the party, although Ko did reprimand her from half a world away. As a result, Tsai was much more guarded in a later interview.

(Let's talk about Huang Kuo-chang's capabilities.) Yes, we really shouldn't stretch people thin. We should continue with what we're doing, so I went to learn and show my professionalism today. I think this is the biggest help for Chairperson Ko.

Tsai is currently preparing for the new legislative session, and went to the legislature on the morning of Jan. 16 to familiarize herself with the environment and legislative affairs. Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Ker Chien-ming previously said the legislature needs professionals, not morons. The new legislative session will be a challenge for the TPP and legislature itself.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「可以討論看看,不過人家還在時代力量,有時候不要太過度消費人家。(現是黃國昌、李彥秀、還有新竹市長林智堅都被點名,市長怎麼看這些人選,誰是接班人?) 這還早吧,還有兩年半以上,也許在這段時間,反正到時候民意會決定,我倒覺得這是這樣,有興趣的人都可以開始準備。」


台灣民眾黨立委當選人 蔡壁如表示:「(黃國昌的能量來說?)對,真的不要再消費人家了,我們就應該要就是一樣,所以今天來學習上課,專業展現出來,我想對柯主席來講就是最大的幫助。」