Scammers Find Way to Defraud Streaming Media Users|網路追劇共享帳號為餌 網友合購遭詐騙

Nowadays, many people watch TV series by streaming them online, and some people even purchase accounts to streaming media platforms together. Scammers view this behavior as a golden opportunity, and have begun selling a single account to numerous people to swindle their money. Once they receive the money, they cancel the right to use the account. Police urge people to exercise caution while online.

Many people relax by watching TV series. In recent years, streaming media platforms have become very popular. This popularity has been exploited by scammers. Recently, a Tainan resident surnamed Lo received an invitation from an online friend to purchase a streaming media platform account together for NT$1,080 a year. He used the streaming media platform for half a year, until the day that he was no longer able to log in using his account number and password. He realized at that point that he had been scammed, and reported the incident to the police.

Our precinct has at present processed the cases of two victims. The scam consists of letting you use the account for half a year after you pay, and then cutting off the service.

Lo explains that in July 2019, an online friend asked if he wanted to share a streaming media platform account. He was only able to use the account for half a year. When it stopped working, he tried to contact this online friend, but was unable to do so. He posted about this incident online, and discovered there were a dozen or so additional victims. If each victim paid NT$1,000, the scammer could have made over NT$10,000. The victims found that this "online friend" had at least three accounts, and used them to defraud people online.

(Are there other victims?) Yes, there are at least a dozen or so of us that we know of right now. We also know at present that there were three account numbers used in the scam.

The police are investigating the case. They urge people to exercise caution when conducting online transactions and to avoid dubious websites and account numbers to avert being scammed. Lawyers add that parties can sign contracts in accordance with the Civil Code to guarantee rights and benefits and avert scams.


台南市警第二分局偵查隊副隊長 黃文成表示:「目前我們分局有受理,兩位被害人來報案,詐騙方法就是讓你先使用半年,將你錢騙了,就沒有再提供服務。」


受害者 羅先生表示:「(還有其他受害者嗎?) 有,我們裡面受害者至少有十幾個,目前也知道有三個帳號在騙人。」
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