TSMC Announces US$12B Plant in Arizona|台積電宣布赴美設廠 落腳亞利桑那州

TSMC announced plans to build an advanced chip factory in the US state of Arizona, specializing in 5-nanometer chips. Analysts believe the decision may not be 100 percent commercial in nature, as the US presidential election is approaching. It may also mean the company will eventually have to choose between the US and China.

TSMC will gain geostrategic significance.

TSMC founder Morris Chang's prediction last year that the company would be gaining geostrategic significance seems to have come true. In a statement on the 15th, TSMC announced plans for a US$12 billion factory in Arizona to produce 5-nanometer transistor chips. TSMC expects production capacity of 20,000 chips per month and the creation of 1,600 jobs. Ground will break in 2021 and mass production will start in 2024.

TSMC intends to build and operate an advanced semiconductor fab in the United States, with the mutual understanding and commitment to support, from the U.S. federal government and the State of Arizona.

One analyst says some see TSMC's investment as a demonstration of goodwill towards the US, but TSMC will eventually have to choose between the US and China, where Huawei is unassailable. TSMC's days of being technologically neutral are therefore coming to an end.

There is clearly pressure coming from the US. The US needs to consolidate its place in the emerging technology field. At the same time, it is trying to de-sinicize the supply chain.

Objectively speaking, TSMC's decision to set up a plant in the US isn't necessarily good when you take human capital costs and the entire supply chain into account. However, it may be able to leverage this relationship into commercial benefits it doesn't current have access to.

TSMC will start mass producing 5-nanometer chips in the second quarter this year and 3-nanometer chips in 2022. By the time the Arizona plant becomes operational in 2024, TSMC may be focused on 3-nanometer chips. This means its base will remain in Taiwan.

台積電創辦人 張忠謀(2019.11.02)表示:「台積電變成一個地緣策略家的必爭之地。」


台積公司代理發言人 高孟華表示:「在與美國聯邦政府,及亞利桑那州的共同理解,及其承諾支持下,有意於美國,興建且營運一座先進晶圓廠。」

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