Heavy Rain Disrupts Traffic in Chiayi County|嘉義達邦村"嘉169線"落石中斷 緊急搶通

Chiayi County received torrential rain throughout the night on May 21, resulting in falling rocks along the main access road for Alishan Township's Dabang Village. Traffic was disrupted at one point and repairs were undertaken on the morning of May 22. As of noon, all of the fallen rocks had been removed. Chiayi County's Dongshih Township also received a lot of rain on the morning of May 22 and floodwater levels reached a half-tire height. Three elementary schools suspended all classes after 12:30 p.m.

A night of pouring rain caused a shower of rocks along the main access road to Alishan Township's Dabang Township. Workers cleared Chiayi Route 169 of debris on the morning of the 22nd.

Roads in the Alishan area are open right now, but there have been reports of falling rocks here and there due to heavy rain in mountainous parts.

Falling rocks also disrupted traffic in the villages of Shanmei and Laiji. The Alishan Forest Railway and Alishan National Forest Recreation Area's branch lines were shut down preemptively on the 22nd.

Due to unstable weather all over the area and road safety considerations, we decided to shut everything down preemptively.

Over in Dongshih Township's Yongtun Village, the water level in low-lying areas reached half a tire high after an hour of rain.

They finished pumping pond water and drainage water around 2 a.m.

With further torrential rains expected, water pumps are being sent to Chiayi.


嘉義縣阿里山鄉公所課長 吳秀豐表示:「目前我們阿里山這邊,阿里山鄉這邊的道路,目前都是通的,但是因為山區,目前因雨量下的比較多,就是會有零星的落石。」
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