Kaohsiung's Gangshan Fish Market and Yanchao Flooded|高雄清晨降大雨 岡山.燕巢.大寮都有積水

There was heavy rain in Kaohsiung again in the morning, causing flooding on certain sections of roads in Gangshan, Yanchao and Daliao districts. Worse yet, The Daliao Neikeng's Huanxizhen community, there were two straight mornings of flooding, and water levels reached 60 centimeters.

By the time the sun rose on the 28th, floodwaters had turned Alley 1 of Jiaxin East Road near Gangshan Fish Market into a raging waterway.

The situation is crazy outside the fish market.

With drainage ditches overflowing upriver, roads around the fish market were soon flooded. Neither vendors nor shoppers could enter the market.

Because this is a low-lying area, the government may have to elevate the road.

A delivery driver captured footage of major flooding on nearby roads, which disrupted but didn't stop traffic. Yanchao's Qionglin Borough just barely escaped flooding as the rain abated around 7 a.m. and water levels receded.

Daliao's Neikeng Borough received 90 millimeters of rain in three hours, while roads began flooding around 7 a.m. in the Huanxizhen community. Residents were initially still able to wade out of their homes to go to work, but eventually had to start piling sandbags and sealing off roads themselves when water levels reached 60 centimeters.

Everyone is piling sandbags both inside and outside the building to prevent flooding.

The water level reached around 60 centimeters this morning. (What time did the water start receding?) Around 8 or 9.

Residents say there has been flooding with any heavy rain for 20 years, and they hope the government can do something about it.


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