Something to Smile About  愛心不停駛的微笑列車

例: If there is no mutual trust between a husband and a wife, the marriage won't last.
b. 根據上述,可知應選 (C)。

2. Fortunately, there is a simple, 45-minute operation that can change the lives of children with clefts forever.
a. (A) previously adv. 先前
例: Previously, we were busy writing our essays. Now, we are studying for a test.
(B) eventually adv. 最後,終於
(C) recently adv. 最近
例: Ed has been stressed out recently.
(D) fortunately adv. 幸運地,所幸
例: I lost all of my money. Fortunately, Mary offered to lend me some.
b. previously 須與過去式並用,而 recently 則須與過去式、現在完成式或現在完成進行式並用,故 (A)、(C) 不可選。根據語意,可知應選 (D)。

3. Smile Train, a global cleft charity founded in 1999 by Brian Mullaney and Charles Wang, provides these procedures in developing countries for free.