Something to Smile About  愛心不停駛的微笑列車

例: No matter how I tried, I couldn't eliminate the stink from my shoes.
b. 根據語意,可知應選 (D)。

1. connect vi. & vt. 連接,連結
connect A with B  連接 A 與 B
例: A bridge connects the island with the mainland.

2. ostracize vt. 排斥;放逐
例: Lisa was ostracized by her classmates because she was 10 centimeters taller than everyone else.
(莉莎因為比其他同學都高上 10 公分,所以遭到他們排擠。)

3. defect n. 缺點,缺陷
例: The child's deformity was caused by genetic defects.

4. for free  免費地,免費的
= free of charge