Something to Smile About  愛心不停駛的微笑列車

例: Be alert to strangers offering you anything for free.

5. groundbreaking a. 開創性的
例: The artist's show was groundbreaking because it was shown at the top of Taipei 101.
(這位藝術家的展覽相當創新,因為它展示在台北 101 的大樓頂端。)

6. maximize vt. 使增至最大
minimize vt. 使減到最小
例: Al did what he could to maximize the return on his investment.
例: We should do our best to minimize the impact of global warming.

7. efficiency n. 效率
例: The new secretary impressed the boss with her efficiency.

8. sponsor vt. 贊助,資助
例: The wheel company is sponsoring the auto show scheduled for this weekend.