We use computers to select our steak! The Wang Steak Group has leveraged e-enablement to build itself into Taiwan’s largest restaurant chain牛排用電腦選的喔 王品集團E化工程 打造台灣最大的餐飲王國


This year, the Wang Steak Group expects to post annual sales in excess of NT$5 billion, with Wang Steak’s 72 stores in Taiwan contributing NT$3.8 billion and the Group’s 26 stores in China contributing another NT$1.2 billion. 2009 will thus be the year in which another Chinese-style restaurant brand rises to prominence. Wang Steak has developed almost all of its IT processes in-house, investing around NT$20 – 30 million to do so; it is this investment that has enabled Wang Steak to establish itself as Taiwan’s largest restaurant chain. Next year, Wang Steak intends to begin brand licensing operations. In its e-enablement operations, Wang Steak will now be shifting its focus to ERP system establishment, which represents a large-scale undertaking.


Wang Steak Chairman Tai Sheng-Yi explains that: “Wang Steak’s original idea was to develop several different restaurant brands so as to tailor its marketing to different consumer segments. The need to ensure that each brand had its own unique character has made IT system deployment more complex than it is for our competitors. However, the successful e-enablement model that we have developed represents an enormously important asset for us.”


2000 was “IT Year One” for the Wang Steak Group. By 200, VoIP Internet telephony was already in widespread use in other countries, but very few businesses in Taiwan were using it. Wang Steak became the first restaurant chain in Taiwan to establish its own commercial VoIP system, with Internet telephony being used for all communication between the group’s headquarters and the individual restaurants. The adoption of this new system saved the company over NT$2 million in telephone charges.

戴勝益在王品牛排站穩市場後,2003年成立了「西堤牛排」及「陶板屋」;隨著品牌增加,CRM扮演了守門員角色。2004年因「原燒」燒肉、「聚」火鍋2個新品牌的加入,戴勝益要求公司CRM的升級,內部BPM(Business process management企業流程管理)及SCM(Supply Chain Management供應鏈管理)的運用。

Having firmly established Wang Steak’s position as the leading steak restaurant chain in Taiwan, in 2003 Tai Sheng-Yi went on to establish the “TASTy” restaurant chain and the “Taoban” restaurant chain. With the creation of these new brands, CRM has become increasingly important. Following the introduction of two more brands – the “YuanShao” barbecued meat restaurant chain and the “Giguo” hotpot chain, Tai insisted that the company upgrade its CRM system, while also introducing new business process management (BPM) and supply chain management (SCM) systems.


SCM plays a particularly important role in helping Wang Steak to control is food materials purchasing costs, because in 2005 the group adjusted its business strategy towards a new focus on mid-range and low-priced chain restaurants. To support this change, Wang Steak established a global agricultural and food products information system, which has helped to strengthen efficiency and reduce inventory costs.